1. Conducting holistic motivational workshops in corporates / institutions on the following themes (only the first two are hyperlinked here) -

Managing Yourself & Discovering a Leader Within ;
Stress, Beating it before it beats us
Motivation : Living & Working In Joy
Demystifying Work-Life Balance
S.Q. - Personal Growth Beyond E.Q.
Anger Management
Conflict Resolution - Inside Out
Values for Leadership & Team-Building / Team-playing
Creating Attitudes for Excellence
Scientific Yoga for Health, Happiness & Success
Mind Management : Values, Attitudes, EQ & SQ, etc.
Total Effectiveness : Personal & Professional
Managing Ego to Manage Habits, Emotions & Conflicts

2-day / 3-day / 5-day workshops are available for 15-20 people per batch containing respectively 2, 3 or 5 of themes chosen from those listed above plus daily Yoga-Meditation. These programs which combine the best of the East with the best of the West, and are Scientific and Spiritual at the same time, can be attended by men and women of any profession / level / nationality / religion / culture etc. including students / executives / senior managers / GM's / VP's / directors / CEO's / CMD's and independent professionals.

2. Personal counseling over phone or internet on Self-management and Self-development.

3. Talks to educational institutes on Faculty development & Value Education for students.

4. Exceptional-quality Content Writing / Voice Over / Editing / Translation services in English and several Indian languages.

5. Short ONLINE training for small groups of corporate managers / executives / students.

6. Coaching and counselling sessions for parents, on better parenting.

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