My world was like a dark, shuttered room
And I myself was
Like a little lamp
Lying in a corner of this room and
Dusty from disuse.

Then, O Master Magician, one day didst Thou walk
Into this lonely room of my life !
Gently didst Thou take this lamp in Thy hands
And spruced it up ;
Thou didst also fill it with the oil of Thy eternal love
And didst Thou then light it up again.

May this lamp, in all its bright light
Always gratefully remember, O Beloved -
That it is, at its best, only a lamp
And that the light is all Thine !

Or, wasn't I like a broken reed,
Coarse and useless ?
When Thy mercy shaped it into a flute
To breathe through it
A sweet melody of joy ineffable !

Or, perhaps, like an out-of-tune string was I
In Thy many-stringed Cosmic lyre
When a touch of Thy infinite compassion
Didst set it in tune again
To share and sing the universal song of love and oneness !

Let not the flute or the string pride in vain,
In the glory and sweetness of this music, O Master -
For the melody is all Thine !

Let Thy light shine for ever, O Dearest of the Dear
Let Thy music play on !!

Composed by Hans Dholakia circa 1986 for his Godlike Master.